>What we want to achieve with you...

OK, lets start at the top and just say it as it is. The way that most technology companies sell and distribute their software & technology products in the 2020s is just daft, based on a 50yr old concept of proprietary code and often complex licensing models. When we design and create our software, we are using open source products and projects, so we work on the understanding that the products themselves will become Open Source.

We are committed to the premise that if your product is good and your client or partner is content, then the ongoing ownership of ‘ip’ (intellectual property) is a distraction, an intangible asset on the business balance sheet that is locked up. We have never sold an annual software license and this is something that we believe fundamentally effects how we work together as a group: Kodergarten, our clients, partners and users.

We are at this moment in time, an organisation without an office. This isn't something we planned for, nor is it a deeply held principle, it stems from how and when we started working together as Kodergarten and that we haven't yet found a place to work together that meets our requirements. So while we continue to look for a basecamp, we work remotely, meeting up online on a near daily basis to run through where we all are on our different projects, and meeting up to plan and review sprints. We do meet up in the real world too, this tends to be for specific projects and only involves the team members that are working on that project.

We use GitHub for code, we use Jira to manage our work, we use Mattermost for channel comms. We do have Playbooks and our documentation is growing apace. Everything we do and how we work could and can be done better, where we are now is better than when we started, processes can and are being improved. New team members will we hope bring their experience into changing how we work together to develop, deliver and look after our work and our clients, their customers and users.

There is an amazing gardener, a man called Medwyn who lives not too far away from us, he has won more than 10 Gold MEdals at the Chelsea Flower Show, he sells his vegetable seeds all round the UK via the web and mail order. When one of our team worked with him many years ago, he discovered that they were gardening and brought them some of his seeds. It was the first successful year of vegetable growing they ever had! He also shared his knowledge and enthusiasm freely. He literally grew his business from seed over a period of time without the need for buzzwords and consultants, investors or marketing gurus. He achieved success based on his knowledge, acumen, generosity of spirit, a passion for what he does and on reputation, we would love to be able to achieve something similar to this over the coming years.

<Join Us/>

>\Transparent Salary

No “competitive / Negotiable”

All our job postings include salary range.

>\Stock Options

Everyone will get options after their 2nd year.

>\Work From Home

Well we haven’t found a nice enough workplace yet, but even when we do we won’t be stricter than a “please can you come in on <insert day of the week here>”

>\Flexible Hours

Choose when you want to start and when you finish which fits with your team.

>\Parental Leave

Stop worrying about school holidays. We support staff with child care needs 4-14yrs old. Take extra time off at key periods.


Need to brush up on those Terraforming skills? Get a certificate in Google Cloud Developer? Be inspired at a conference? We need the skills, you need the time. This won’t be a problem.

>\Welsh Language

We are a company that works throughout the day in both languages, whichever suits the event is best.

>\Time Out Friendly

Need some Vitamin D - need to work from Kuala Lumpur for a few months? Or scale the Andes and be gone from your desk/laptop for 6 weeks? Let’s talk.

>\Based in North West Wales

Its a bit special here and we can still head off to the bright lights of the cities in less time than it takes to get from Guildford to Islington.