Published 27/01/2021

Why - A Mum’s Perspective

Why - A Mum’s Perspective

March 2020, lockdown hit us; I’m a full time working mum and it was a challenge, like for so many of us, to juggle extra childcare and homeschooling support of three young children alongside our normal full time working & running a household. My husband and I aren’t complaining about a thing as we count ourselves lucky that we had the ability to work from home and keep the household safe, but there’s no denying it felt like a juggling act.

I was starting a new company alongside my work colleagues and our online meetings were often frequented by my children in the background pulling faces and, as I tried to reduce the background noise, shouts of you’re on mute when I started talking . . . so why do this when I could have just decided to not work at all!? Well for a handful of reasons that as a company we felt passionate about and believed in:

Local economy

Although we and many others might feel that supporting local businesses is important, the fact remains that most small and medium sized food independents may not have an eCommerce solution due to their cost and limited value to what they perceive as a local customer base; we saw a gap in the market that could utilise our years of working together in eCommerce to address this problem.


With shops seeing decreased footfall or having to close with lockdowns, still allowed orders to be placed, processed and fulfilled - helping to keep the local independent food retailers business running.

Lockdown shielding allows customers to order and pay online, then aid them by arranging delivery or safe collection (drive by and get placed straight into your boot!)


Kodergarten are based in North west Wales, we are a bi-lingual company, so it is a given that can either be used in Welsh or English - both as a customer browsing the site, and as a retailer managing their siop.

Siop Local - but without running around myself!

From a personal perspective, I could see myself being an ongoing customer on this platform. I have to be organised & make a weekly meal plan and resulting shopping list; but then I am guilty of online supermarket shopping simply because I can get everything I need online, and get it delivered. There has always been a niggle at the back of my mind though - I would like to shop more locally, buy good quality locally grown / reared produce, see less food miles, keep my spending in the local economy. Like many however, I’m so busy between working / after school activities (when they’re running!) / child & household care, I just don’t have the time to drive around different places / don’t want to use multiple websites / phone multiple businesses to fulfil my weekly shopping list.

I need local shopping to slot into food planning & ordering as easily as my online supermarket shop; have one more tab open alongside my supermarket shop, where I could browse through what’s available locally, compare products and prices, build up a basket and finally checkout and get it delivered once I’ve made my final decision. This is exactly what even in its trial phase can offer me.

We are now in a trial phase in partnership with Menter Mon, working with a handful of local suppliers across Anglesey and Gwynedd, the objective of the trial is to garner feedback from the businesses and customers in order to form a clearer picture as to what they need, but even now, as more businesses are selling on, I see my supermarket online order slowly decreasing in size - for me the start has been replacing supermarket meat with that offered by Cigoedd y Llain instead, ale from local brewers Bragdy Lleu, and whenever we holiday over in Aberdaron, goodies from Becws Islyn (just a pity they don’t deliver to my area, otherwise I’d certainly use them weekly too - although probably better for my waistline that they don’t!). Will my supermarket order ever be fully replaced by shopping with independent businesses? I don’t know, but it will be interesting to see as I aim to replace as much as I can with local suppliers as more offerings appear on the platform. Nourishing my family and myself with high quality locally grown and produced food & drink is a great feeling, whilst at the same time supporting local businesses; perfect!

If you’re a customer, you can find out more info here; to start shopping, simply enter your postcode so we know which local businesses can serve you. If you’re a food business interested in signing up, more details can be found here: Currently the platform is free to suppliers, but the hope is that by Spring 2021, a simple tiered monthly pricing system will be introduced (pay monthly based on the number of orders taken).

If you are press/media please contact If you are an organisation that would like to learn more about how you can set up in your area once that the trials are over and development on the full version of please contact