Published 11/03/2021

We’re Busy and Expanding Our Development Team

We're busy. Yes, the rumours are true, one year in and — we're looking to add at least one more person (full-time or part-time) to the Kodergarten team."

If you are a driven, simplicity-loving coder of web based applications who also might be a little devops curious, we would like to get to know you. We're looking for someone who...

  • Thinks coding is about solving problems, not creating them.
  • Wants to work on interesting projects for interesting clients.
  • Understands that sometimes it's what you leave out that makes your code better.
  • Thinks before they design, before they write tests, before they code.
  • Wants to learn, push themselves, and make better software.
  • Has a big passion for something outside the workplace.
  • Isn’t the same as us.

We're not too fussed about your education, we’re not particularly concerned about what you write code in — but we are really really interested in your experience and how you like to work and why you want to work with us. To be absolutely frank we’re not particularly desperate to see your CV either, but we do want to see and understand your recent work. Real world experience is what is important. We'd prefer it if you were in North Wales (north west Wales to be imprecise), but if you're the one, and you don't live in North Wales, let’s see if we can work something out. Get in touch

If you think you might potentially be a good fit for Kodergarten, email paul at enquiries without links (or screenshots) to some of your work will probably be ignored. We mightn’t be able to respond to every email, but we'll do our best. We look forward to meeting you.

Note to recruitment agencies

We are not looking at working with any recruiters or agencies at this point. Please don’t waste your time. We absolutely get that what you do has meaning and purpose and that you might have the very person that we need sitting on your books. But it's a No. We are only a year old, we are careful with our resources and your fees would make the whole recruitment exercise absolutely pointless.

The Kodergarten team