Published 11/03/2021

We’re Busy and Expanding Our Development Team

Yes, the rumours are true, one year in and — we're looking to add at least one more person (full-time or part-time) to the Kodergarten team. read more

Published 11/03/2021

The Kodergarten Internal User Guide V1 - February 21

This is how we would like to work. read more

Published 27/01/2021

Why - A Mum’s Perspective

March 2020, lockdown hit us; I’m a full time working mum and it was a challenge, like for so many of us, to juggle extra childcare and homeschooling support of three young children alongside our normal full time working & running a household. My husband and I aren’t complaining about a thing as we count ourselves lucky that we had the ability to work from home and keep the household safe, but there’s no denying it felt like a juggling act. read more

Published 23/11/2020 - Open all hours

Introducing a new local-focused e-commerce platform designed to help small independent retailers. read more