>In order to grow, you need to look at things differently

Our name ‘Kodergarten,’ is partially a play on the word Kindergarten; an educational approach based on playing and practical activities.

It reflects our own informal, practical approach, as well as our ethos of dynamically solving problems. We love what we do (it feels a bit like play to us!) and we make sure we do it well.

“Koder,” well, needs no explanation. We are all coders with our own spin on code.

The word “garten” stems from the German word for garden; representing how our solutions help to grow ideas, processes, organizations, and impacts.

We strive to write good, simple, and consistent code, while creating the right environment around it for our solutions to flourish.

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>How we work

We don’t believe one size fits all.

Every project and client is different. We mold how we work to suit each of our projects. From the way we communicate, to how we design, schedule, code, test, sign off, deploy, and review.

We enjoy blending the human, business, and technical aspects of a project; to grow the best results.

We don’t believe you need a big team to get a job done. Actually, the opposite, a smaller team often gets the job done quicker and more effectively. We operate with a flat structure, with the right team size, with team members that possess the right skill sets.

>What we Believe

If we had a “User Guide 101” to govern our staff, we’d use it to seed values such as:

  • Write good code!
  • Keep it simple and achieve great things
  • Listen. Try harder to understand and make sense of the problem you are solving
  • If the problem you have been asked to solve is too big, break it down into smaller ones
  • Be careful and consistent
  • Be patient and work hard
  • Nurture talent and skills and keep learning
  • Embrace new perspectives (and be open to a sprinkling of good luck!)
  • Be helpful and conscientious
  • Take pride in what you do, and enjoy doing it
  • Appreciate and look after our surroundings